Wednesday, October 29, 2008

VWAV Orange Glazed Beets & Kale

We have lots of winter vegetables now: kale, beets, carrots and not-so-wintery cauliflower (& never-ending cabbage & leeks that defy physical laws, but those are for another day).

I made the orange glazed beets from Vegan with a Vengeance to deal with the beets and a stray orange. For everything else, I sautéed lots of garlic, added the cauliflower and carrots, then threw in the kale in the last few minutes, sort of combining the VWAV garlicky kale and braised cauliflower recipes. I made some ginger peanut sauce to go with it which I think added a good punch, but then I am a sucker for peanut sauce - super easy and fast and very flavorful. I used the recipe at the vegetarian section of

I liked the beets, but they weren't tender enough and they didn't go together well with the kale. Both had strong flavors with complex ingredients so they weren't well-suited. The kale dish would've been better suited served with brown rice or a grain, and I'm not really sure what would go well with the beets - Isa suggests her roasted vegetables, grilled tofu, and a grain; I was thinking maybe lentils. But when I think of it, I think tofu would certainly be good.


Tomorrow: most probably dealing with an acorn squash.

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