Monday, April 11, 2011

Maikel Nabil

Maikel Nabil is an Egyptian blogger who was imprisoned for insulting the army. He's since been released, but this blog post was a mirror of the one he'd written that got him sentenced.

You can read Maikel's original post, or an English translation here.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Free Maikel Nabil

UPDATE: Maikel Nabil was sentenced to three years in prison today, one day earlier than sentencing was scheduled, in the absence of both his lawyer & himself.

Maikel Nabil was arrested from his house March 28, 2011 by military police. He faces the charge of offending the army and spreading false news that could threaten public security.

Nabil is an activist who wrote a blog post entitled, "The army and the people were never one hand," and provided details of the Egyptian army detaining and torturing protesters.

Nabil is also vocally pro-Israel and resisted getting conscripted into the Egyptian army. This makes Maikal Nabil a clever choice to be targeted by the army because 1) it will be hard uniting people against his arrest 2) it will generally discredit people who speak out against the army. We need to work hard in condemning his arrest and show the army their intimidation tactics intended to silence people from speaking out about military detainees and torture won't work.

Information about Maikel Nabil's case gathered from @rago_legal and @elnadeem. @AalamWassef contributed with some analysis.

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