Monday, March 19, 2007

It's been a long time since I've posted. Okay, I won't say, "what originally began as a light-hearted hobby has taken on a new more urgent betengan." It's not that I haven't felt like posting - I have. But somehow I've been muzzled. A muzzled blogger.

I'm trying a new psychological approach on my sister. She just called me on it though, not sure if that will make it less efficient.

New* friends have joined the blogsphere since I took my little posting hiatus. And some have... ended their own hiatuses (that's really a word?).**

It's okay to be self-indulgent on your own blog. Isn't that the whole point? Or not? I'm not sure.

Quality control issues.

Well anyway, the ubiquitous links (it is the internet after all).

- Wreck this Journal - the site of a new book coming out by keri smith, and a whole concept. Fantastic.

- Also generally have been reading a lot of stuff at Their content is great. I especially like the advice column by Cary Tennis. And this is one of the best I've read yet.

- One more. A nostalgic reminisce by Baheyya the blogger about Korona chocolate and other Egyptian goodies.

Alright all. 'Til the next post.

* This isn't really a 'new friend.' Old friend and new blog.
** Yeah yeah, I speak in the plural for both categories though only mentioning two 'friends.' To make myself look like I have more than I really do.

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