Monday, April 20, 2009

Homemade Ice Cream

The weather is getting hotter (at least sometimes), and ice cream is most definitely called for. Imagine my delight while flipping through old copies of Vegetarian Times* at the library and encountering a feature on homemade vegan ice creams.

But homemade ice cream means nothing to me if it requires an ice cream maker, which my kitchen is not outfitted with. Happily, the first recipe I saw, for a peanut butter coconut ice cream, was free of such demands, although it did call for a blender, which is in my possession.

The ingenious technique used is to first blend all the ingredients together, then pour the mixture into ice cube trays, freeze, and blend again into creamy refreshing indulgence.

You can find the recipe at the Vegetarian Times website here. The article had two other recipes too, which called for the blasted ice cream maker, but I'm wondering if I could apply the same technique for creating other ice creams.

Incidentally, I used a very thick homemade oat milk flavored with vanilla instead of the soy creamer (which I never buy) and the ice cream turned out great, so don't let an absence of soy creamer in your home stop you from making this. And creamy peanut butter instead of crunchy for the same reason.

If you're interested in the subject of ice cream making without a machine (like me), there's an informative post about the subject here at the blog A Vegan Ice Cream Paradise.

*Speaking of Vegetarian Times, I can't in good conscious bring up the magazine without pointing out that they have a fantastic article about nut-based cheeses in this issue, one of which I tried.

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