Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Debate Poem

Ibrahim and Ishmael side by side,
tired eyes and
winning smiles,
100-watt bright.
Each takes his turn, polite as you like.

Balance the budget
restore jobs, borrow from China
or adieu to big bird,
tighten your belts,
recession is here,
we gotta dive in.

I did it for you…
Think of the children!

The best you can hope for,
all we have to offer you.

What of Gitmo?
Let's not talk about that.

Abracadabra, magic wand.
Subjects sleep, mesmerized.
Tweedle dee, tweedle dum,
old brothers at last.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Hippie Truffles

I wanted to make carob treats because chocolate is supposed to be not-so-great if you have acid reflux (heartburn).

Enter these carob truffles, made with carob powder. Tasty, and pretty decent from a health perspective. They have an unexpected ingredient that makes them the ultimate hippie confection: everyone's favorite wonder grain, quinoa.

Recipe here.

You can learn more about good eating habits for acid reflux here

Debate drawings

We went out to watch the debates yesterday. The guy next to me was drawing Mitty and Obam-bam so I followed his lead. His results were more impressive. Romney is all about the hair and the strong jaw. Obama has round protruding ears. Both have 100-watt smiles but tired eyes.

The writing at the top were notes about a poem (unrelated). The bottom is a quote from a Real Change vendor selling papers downtown. His non-election version is "If you do not have a dollar, I'll take a twenty." 

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