Sunday, June 14, 2009

Good night, blog

Things have gotten quiet on this blog lately. I’ve been meaning to post an explanation of sorts for a while, and here it is.

I started my blog in what felt (to me, at least) like the heyday of blogging. It seemed fun and also exciting – theoretically, people from all over the world could read what I wrote and gaze at pictures I posted.

My blog in its early days was rarely about food – more like random musings, links to things I thought were cool, the occasional weird photo, and sometimes showcased arts and crafts projects I did.

At some point after I left Cairo and moved to Seattle, it evolved into a food blog as I got more interested in cooking and baking. I'm still cooking and baking frequently, and I'm still reading other people’s blogs, food related and not. I'm trying to move away from over-reliance on (or slavish devotion to) recipes. But I just don't really feel like blogging about it for the time being.

So, thanks for reading. Right now I’m in Cairo, absorbing the heat, and enjoying things being slow.

And if you’re interested, I twitter.

Occasional art, comics, food, and other things of less interest to the general public.