Thursday, October 02, 2008

Model Apple Reinvents Itself; Sacrifices Self in Process

I made the Apple Pie-Crumb Cake Muffins from Vegan with a Vengeance last night for dessert, since I needed to use the fruit originally utilized as pretty models for my still-life for art class. The big red apple seen in the background seemed like a logical place to begin this endeavor.

The mr. said, "So we're eating art?"

I've included a photo of the before and after to the left to help you get a better feel of the transition that took place. I still need to utilize everything else in the painting: orange, pear and lemon, but the tiny apple in the front row is still up for debate (it has unsettling brown spots).

I HIGHLY recommend the muffins - there's an adaptation over at Mad Vegan in the Kitchen. One thing I've been puzzling over though, ever since becoming 'civilized' enough to use measuring cups and spoons: my quantities are turning out way less than the recipes promise! This recipe yielded only about 9 muffins instead of the typical dozen. What's that about?

In other food news, we're getting our first box of produce from the farm we signed up with as our CSA (Community-supported Agriculture, read about it here). Exciting.

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Bethany said...

that painting/drawing is really great.

muffins don't look bad either ;-). I always come up a bit short w/ cupcakes/muffins, so i have to take some off the other ones to make the amount they say.

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