Monday, October 06, 2008

VWAV Glazed Orange Scones

For my painting class today I'd volunteered to be the one to bring snacks, so I made the Apple Pie-Crumb Cake Muffins and Glazed Orange Scones, both from Vegan with a Vengeance. For some reason the muffins didn't turn out so great - although they were so great last week when I made them at home - but the glazed orange scones rocked!

They look kind of cheesy (it's the orange glaze!) in the picture, but I'll blame that on the fluorescent lighting in our kitchen. Strangely enough, the scones tasted lemony, not orangey - but that wasn't a bad thing at all.

Cooking now: Roasted sweet potato and pear soup. I saw a recipe in Real Simple magazine for sweet potato and apples, but we're all out of apples, so here goes nothing with the pears.

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Bethany said...

They look very good. I've made these before and I can agree that they are delicious. Definitely worth making a lot.

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