Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pasta & fresh bread

I made the Irish soda bread yesterday! From the Elizavegan blog. It was really easy as promised (and fast, not including oven time, although even that was not too bad since I was cooking/washing dishes throughout), although shaping it was not, so it came out resembling a gigantic oatmeal cookie. It was pretty tasty too, so I think I will try more bread soon.

So for dinner yesterday we had pasta (a fettucine/ fusili mix, we ran out of fettucine and it needed supplementing) with red sauce. I 'sweated' the onions as per Veganomicon's instructions, (15 minutes in the pot on low heat with no oil added), then sauteed garlic, thinly sliced radishes and shittake mushrooms. At the end I threw in half a block of tofu that was left-over from something. I liked the flavors together (in my book, you can hardly go wrong with tomato anything) and the tofu added some chewy texture. The bread on the side was a nice touch too, although I think I went a bit overboard by cutting giant hunks of it for us.

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