Sunday, September 21, 2008

The One Thing

Yesterday the mr. made a few announcements. 1 - that I am good at a lot of things, but not excellent at any. 2 - that I should choose one thing to be excellent at and dedicate my life to it.

He tried to lure it out of me: "What do you enjoy doing the most? What could you do all day?"
"I like doing lots of things. Right now I like cooking and crochet."
"Then you should do that. Go to cooking school. Become really good at it."

Just when I'd pretty much decided to give up this idea of the One Thing and half-heartedly pursue uhm, pretty much everything.


Yasmine said...

hehe funny enough i disagree with the mr.
had a similar discussion with Leif weeks ago telling me that success lies in the hands of supper smart generalists. Think Secretay General of the UN or a president...
If it wasnt for my generalist BA AUC degree i wouldnt be doing what i am doing, neither would u.
but interesting point though! to be continued.

Faintly Pink said...

i agree with the mr. about going to cooking school. it seems like something that could appeal to you.

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