Friday, September 05, 2008

Breathing Apples & more

Yesterday for dinner I did end up making the spinach-tofu, only the spinach shrunk down to about 1/16th of its size so I felt compelled to add a carrot and a few stalks of celery. Learning from previous mistakes (wait - there are no mistakes), I sliced the carrots as thin as I could so they would cook fast. Initially I threw them in with the spinach, but since the spinach was already all wilted, I went ahead and picked out the carrot slices - with my fingers, it wasn't too hot yet - and threw them in another pan on their own to fry at their leisure and not make the spinach evaporate. Seriously, the spinach diminished that much, the next step really would've been for us to have spinach-gas hovering over the stove.

So besides the carrot and celery additions, I did everything else ehow suggested in their how to cook spinach page. Pretty easy. And the peanut sauce recipe I used was one I've done before a few times, from

Next up, I want to try about's recipe for black bean burgers. It looks so easy, and I even have a can of black beans all ready to go! I'll probably do that tomorrow, although we still have carrots, broccoli, and celery in the fridge, so I need to figure out what I'll do with those.

Also, I found an interesting and very useful web page about storing produce - tells you what produce to refrigerate, and which to leave out, and which you should keep separate (turns out certain fruits, like apples, emit gases which causes non-gas emiters, like, say, broccoli, to ripen/ go bad faster).

Funny side note: my sister had a colleague that thought plucked apples were alive because they 'breathed,' - that is, she noticed if you put them in a lidded container there would be moisture at the top from the supposed breathing.

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