Monday, November 24, 2008

Spinach & Tofu-Ricotta Pizza

What is it about pizza? You know how they say, even when it's bad, it's good? Well, this was actually really good.

I'd been thinking of making Fat Free Vegan Kitchen's Polenta Pizza yesterday (out of a desire to avoid making real pizza dough rather than health reasons of avoiding gluten) but then decided to bite the bullet and roll out the real deal. I've made the polenta pizza once before long ago and I liked it, although the polenta somehow made it look and taste a lot like an omelet. But maybe that was just me. I would definitely make it again though.

Anyway, I went with the VWAV pizza dough recipe which I tried before. I topped it with the VWAV tomato sauce (naturally), tofu ricotta, spinach, chopped tomatoes, vegan sausage and a sprinkle of nutritional yeast. Somehow it was very successful, maybe because I decided to listen to the mr.'s advice that lots of toppings = better pizza. Pre-baking, I was a bit worried it was overload, but those eight minutes in the oven seemed to shrink the toppings down to normal amounts.

Plus, I'm not really sure why I wanted to avoid making dough - it's so fun. I don't like cleaning up the counter afterwards, and I also get intimidated by the wait periods involved in letting the dough rise and then 'rest' (the 'rest' always makes me feel like it's an exhausted diva that needs beauty sleep). But really it's not such a big deal, and kneading out the dough and eating the pizza are well worth the labor involved.


Rosiecat said...

Hey, I love that line about pizza dough as an exhausted diva who needs her beauty sleep!

Nothing makes me feel more at home than making dough. It's so sensual and fun. But I'm with you: I could do without the clean-up! So much scrubbing and wiping!

Bethany said...

looks awesome! I love pizza, in fact we got some from pizza pi tonight. day after tg and I don't want to cook :)

I agree that more toppings is good. I love it loaded up. But simple is good too.

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