Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Vegan Thanksgiving

So I went to this vegan Thanksgiving potluck today. A lot of firsts: my first Thanksgiving, which I've discovered is a Really Big Deal here in the US (I thought it was mostly having kids make turkeys out of colorful construction paper and dress up as pilgrims and Indians; at least that's what we did in my American elementary school in Kuwait) and first vegan potluck. It was great not to guess what was in all the food, which was abundant and mostly pretty good. Things weren't very Thanksgivey besides the food - although there was no Tofurkey, which I was led to believe was the very essence of vegan & vegetarian thanksgivings.

The place was packed, and I met lots of interesting people. On the way there, we carpooled with a couple who revealed they keep a neat food blog, Vegan Ricans, complete with videos they've shot making Puerto Rican recipes.

Also, Bethany from Spotted Devil Cat and his Vegan Assistant was there, and it was really fun to meet up with her again. She brought Susan V's black bean dip with her - very tasty.

I met a man who's been vegan since 1980! I was really impressed. I imagine no-one was vegan back then. He said the only "vegan" food you could get back then was tofu, and I'm guessing it wasn't at your friendly neighborhood chain supermarket.

The only bad thing was driving back from Issaquah, since it was dark and rain with signs warning of deer skipping merrily along the highway, but we survived.

I made Veganomicon's Spinach-Noodle Kugel/Casserole and a double batch of VWAV's Pumpkin muffins. It was my second go at the spinach casserole. Last time I skipped the fresh dill, and it made a world of a difference here - it complemented the lemon juice in there wonderfully.

(Side note: nice tip on the PPK forum about lowering sugar/fat in the muffins that I just saw now and will definitely try next time I make them.)


Bethany said...

It was nice seeing you again. I'm glad you had fun. I had lots of fun too.

So cool that the coconut pudding makers have a blog. I'll have to check it out. I wonder how many other people in the meetup have blogs :)

I loved your food. I had the muffin after you left - it took a while for me to get to the dessert table. I managed to never feel stuffed yesterday. how, I don't know.

Bethany said...

forgot to let you know that I doubt you got me sick at TG.

I'm sure I collected lots of germs that day that my body would have ignored if I hadn't had to stay up so late at the kitty ER.

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