Tuesday, December 02, 2008

on the minimalist chef

An interesting profile of "the minimalist chef" Mark Bittman was written up here at the New York Observer. Bittman maintains the New York Times food blog Bitten and has authored "How to Cook Everything" as well as "How to Cook Everything Vegetarian." I own neither, but think I want to get the latter sometime.

Although not a vegetarian, Bittman is akin to Michael Pollan in encouraging everyone to eat less meat for environmental reasons, but too bad his blog doesn't focus on veggies more. Still, I've found lots of good ideas there, like parsley sauce and cornbread. There are also frequently non-cooking yet food-related posts about things like farming that I like. I'm still waiting for his post on the 50 best cookbooks - his readers responses with their suggestions are here. Yes, Veganomicon was suggested many times, but Vegan with a Vengeance not as much.

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