Monday, December 08, 2008

Not-Tella Rolls

A few days ago I made the not-tella from Veganomicon - and it turned out great! Since I didn't have the hazelnut extract, I consulted the internets, which revealed by way of this recipe at Su Good Sweets (linked from the Bittersweet blog) that increasing the vanilla extract would do it (I upped it to half a teaspoon).

I wanted to experiment with the nutella (i.e. find a new way to eat it, it's great on fruit and toast) so I followed a recipe for cinnamon rolls and spread the not-tella instead of a sugar cinnamon mix. Expectations for the rolls were sky-high but they turned out a bit too hard and dry, I think because I kept them in the oven after baking to stay warm.


I'm going to be gone for two weeks, so I think blog posting will grind to a halt during that time. The hope is I glean cooking secrets of the middle east while on vacation (Egypt, the motherland).


Rosiecat said...

Have a wonderful trip, Yasmin!

I think it would be awesome to see more Middle Eastern cooking around here. How many of us can claim any level of authenticity when it comes to the foods of the Middle East? Heaven knows I can't, but that doesn't stop me from posting falafel recipes ;-)

Veg-a-Nut said...

Have a nice time while you are away. See you when you come back!

Bethany said...

have fun in egypt! sounds like a blast. sun and warmth. the total opposite of what you're missing.

I'm psyched for your posts when you get back.

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