Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Fried Oatmeal

Stumbling across the internets a while back, this idea of frying oatmeal at a blog called Fuss Free Flavours presented itself. You have to soak the oatmeal with a little milk and flour the night before, which is not a big deal but requires a little forethought. Last night there was a long bout of insomnia, so mixed it up. Used some carrots and green onions for the vegetable portion. It turned out to be interesting, a good addition to the repertoire of weekday morning breakfasts, not to mention a new way to prepare oatmeal, although the oatmeal could've used a little more frying.

Besides that there is about 1/6th of a large roasted pumpkin sitting in the fridge wrapped in clingfilm, patiently waiting for its fate to be decided. Options include an "undercover cornbread" at Vegan Explosion where the pumpkin is a secret ingredient, pumpkin chocolate chip bread at Vegan Knitting (an adaptation of VWAV's pumpkin muffins), and pumpkin ravioli in an article with ideas for a vegan thanksgiving at Plenty magazine (scroll down). Bets are on the pumpkin chocolate chip bread.

Side note: anyone heard of this website called Vegetarians are Evil? Just discovered it last during the insomnia. Crazy stuff, brings up a certain mustachioed leader of Germany in WWII.


Bethany said...

fried oatmeal sounds good. especially w/ the savory bits in it. yum. now if I could only get up in time for breakfast...

go for the pumpkin ravioli. I find you can taste fresh pumpkin better when you use it in savory dishes vs. sweet. I made some around october and it was good. I had the 1/2 I had frozen a couple of weeks ago and it was even better. Recipe was from the voluptuous vegan cookbook.

veg are evil is one stupid blog. why would somebody make something like that. it must be a joke. probably by somebody that doesn't care one way or the other but likes to see people argue.

Bethany said...

I made fried oatmeal. thanks again for the recipe. I used parsnips in mine. yum!

Hippolyra said...

Glad you enjoyed it. I have not had it for ages and ages and need to get back into cooking - and blogging - ~I have had terrible RSI and have barely been able to use the computer for weeks and weeks.

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