Thursday, November 13, 2008

Return of the fennel

We had fennel again in our CSA box and again I didn't know what to do with it. I considered the gingery fennel I made last time, but then I saw a recipe in Vegan Italiano for a fennel and pear salad. It called for ripe yet firm pears, which I thought was the case with ours until I took a look at them... they were sadly overripe, but I made the most of the situation and set aside the mushy parts for another use. Anyway, this salad was delicious, and the usually hard to integrate licrorice taste of the fennel was put to good use combined with the sweet pear.

I also made Veganomicon's baked pumpkin ziti again. It was great, again. I added some sliced vegan sausage and green onions and fresh (frozen) thyme to use them up. I could barely taste the green onions, but the sausages were nice.


A few days ago I made pumpkin-apple soup. I remembered a soup I made a few weeks ago as being pumpkin-apple, but really it had been sweet potato-apple (and I subbed pears for apples), but the pumpkin-apple worked pretty well. I sauteed onions for two minutes on medium heat, added the apples for another 10 (til soft), then spooned roasted pumpkin into the pot. Roasting pumpkin is so wonderful, I just always roast now whenever a recipe calls for pumpkin in any state, it's so much easier than cutting up in in an uncooked state and cutting it up. Then I used an immersion blender to make it creamy. I garnished with never-ending green onion. It turned out pretty well, apples sauteed with onions taste surprisingly good.

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Bethany said...

I love fennel, though you are right about it being an odd taste to work with. Salad sounds really great. I wish I could find this magazine that had a great raw recipe w/ fennel. It's driving me crazy that I can't find it.

The soup looks awesome.

I keep hearing great things about the pumpkin baked ziti. I have to try it one of these days. So little time, so many recipes - life is soooo tough for us vegans (not).

PS. the bowl with the stripes is really cool.

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