Saturday, November 01, 2008

I got a new cookbook

I just bought a new cookbook, and I have to say I'm intimidated. I know, it's just a cookbook and it's not going to bite. Trekking out in the moderate rain armed with an umbrella with the mr. in hand towards the bookstore (about half an hour away, walking), I'd intended to purchase "The Voluptuous Vegan" since I've heard good things about it. But my memory hadn't served me well: it wasn't in stock (or who knows, perhaps this was a recent development)." The Candle Cafe Cookbook" graced the half shelf devoted to vegan cookery instead. It's a restaurant cookbook for an apparently highly-regarded vegan gourmet restaurant in New York. The pictures are certainly beautiful, but the tone seems just a little cold. Maybe it's the fanciness? I guess I've gotten used to friendly encouragmenet from cookbook authors (on the page, not in person). Time will tell if it'll grow on me and whether the recipes on its pages will join the repetoire of those put into frequent rotation.

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