Saturday, January 17, 2009

Vegan YumYum's Roll-up Lasagna

I've been in a bit of a kitchen slump recently. We have all these fruits and vegetables in the fridge and I'm at a loss as to how to combine them successfully.

Happily, one of the vegetables was a gigantic eggplant, so I got to try out Vegan YumYum's eggplant and pine nut rolled lasagna. It was a bit labor-intensive since I had to fry eggplant slices, but turned out delicious and totally worth it. I subbed some of the pine nuts with cashews since I ran out of the pine nuts. It's really rich, what with the fried eggplants and pine nut cream, so a good one for these wintry months.

The lasagna is also tofu-free and, as pointed out by Lolo, much less messy than other cheese-free lasagna's because it's rolled up. You can also totally adapt the filling - spinach, tofu ricotta, etc.

If you're wondering, the brown flecks are bread crumbs.

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Bethany said...

yum, they look really good. I'll have to try them. I'm looking for new easy superstar recipes to make while I'm at my sister's wedding. 7 days in the middle of nowhere.

I buy these frozen eggplant rollups that are essentially breaded egglpant slices rolled around tofu ricotta. Very yummy for frozen food. they sell them at Whole Foods. Like eggplant parmesan meets stuffed shells.

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