Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Hello out there in blog world. As you may or may not know, I'm in a transition phase of life, which is kind of rough at the moment. I also just returned from a trip to London, hence the two week absence. I came back to find a small dog who may or may not be my savior. His name is Daboor. I will not be releasing his pictures to the public at present (much like Suri Cruise). In fact I haven't pictured young Suri - sorry, Daboor, yet.

I just finished reading JPod by Douglas Coupland, the semi-sequel to Microserfs. There's actually an official website for the book which is worth checking out, you can also read an excerpt there. Plus an interview with Mr. Coupland about the book, but I think you should read that after you finish the book.

Interesting thing I found on the back of the stall of a toilet in the Tate:

It certainly was not what I was expecting
I had never eaten glue before today.
I just took a bite of a pritt stick. I felt this best. It is stuck in my teeth now.
I wasn't expecting that
Take care. Til later.

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