Thursday, August 31, 2006

Marker-on-cardboard thing

I'm into the marker-on cardboard thing right now. Maybe it's something about making my mark on the world, so the thick dark marker black appeals as it meets this ... requirement.

If you're bored, like me, you too can visit the US' "Postal store" and check out different stamps they issue.

Or. go to afore-mentioned No Media Kings site and read Jim Munroe's interesting idea about selling out to the mainstream after being "indy" (as in, independent). He says cool stuff about hypocrisy. Quote:

Nowadays, consistency seems to have replaced virtue... If someone kills children because he hates them, and is wholly dedicated to eliminating the toddler set from the earth, this person is somehow less contemptible than a vegetarian who wears leather shoes.

My advice, kind of in-line with what Mr. Munroe says, is to get over this obsession, or phobia, of hypocrisy.

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