Saturday, August 19, 2006

the worms

It's initially shocking, but also really interesting.

Today I happened to glance at a bowl of dog food left neglected for a few days.

I saw little bits of pasta in the bowl along with other food.

I did a double-take when I saw the little bits of pasta moving around.

Worms... They look really cool actually. Like a scene from an animated movie.

The bowl was in the garage, away from soil, so how did the worms get there? And why on a specific day? I mean the food has been there for a while... so do the worms arrive at a certain stage of decomposing? Aren't they part of the decomposing process? Maybe it's a kind of worm party... they have to be fashionably late. They look pretty interesting the way they move... And some looked like they were getting it on, but who knows? Maybe they're just fighting to eat.

Closer inspection revealed the worms to be even more interesting than just the initial glance allowed. They seem to be segmented, and despite looking for eyes and not being able to tell, this site tells me they have none.

So yeah, in the picture the worms are the things that look like pasta, like I said. I really wish I had some video stuff to show, but limited resources prevent me from doing so.

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