Friday, September 22, 2006

Young Daboor

That's young Daboor over there on the left. He stuck himself under the car today and was squealing for all he was worth, but emerged unscathed.

In other news, if you want to see cool cartoons, head on over to allenec's livejournal thingie.

Today I read this really great graphic novel called I Never Liked You: A Comic-Strip Narrative by Chester Brown. I guess graphic novels are not that easy to come by, but this was great, and I think in general graphic novels are great. I finished reading it in half an hour! So then I read it again immediately.
Also, if you're interested in independent media (and you should be), check out Meat Magazine, which is a self-billed "arts magazine," but it also has writing. I got the print version, which is intended to be the best of it's online stuff. You can also contribute to it if so inclined.

Finally, if you checked out Chris' blog today, you will know that 1) he is contemplating killing his blog, and 2) that he made an interesting remark about prison systems sucking. I commented on the post, and would just like to take the opportunity here to link to the blog I was unable to link to there: Jim Gilligan's blog post "Are prisons immoral? ... or is it just Americans?". The gyst of it is that in some nations, e.g. Finland, the penal system is approached quite differently. It's only a paragraph, so you might as well follow the link and see what the guy has to say.

Take care then.

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