Saturday, December 02, 2006

Films, Book, Nano update

  • Things I am trying to do: Go to the film festival and go to the newly discovered independent film festival (not the same). Unfortunately can't find a link to the latter right now. But will keep you posted. Clicking on the Conference Schedules tab will link you to the when what where of the movies.
  • This is a really good article I read a long time ago about agribusiness... potatoes, genetic engineering, McDonalds. Okay, so this article inspired a woman called Ruth Ozeki to write a really good book called All Over Creation, which is a novel that deals with these same themes (plus has a good plot). The article is Playing God in the Garden and it's by Michael Pollan and it was published originally in the New York Times Sunday Magazine back in 1998, but you can now read it online for free. To educate you about what's up with GM food. Incidentally, Ozeki also has a blog that is worth checking out but sadly it seems like it's been ages since she last posted.
  • I just wanted to add the thing I forgot in the last post: that I finished nano. I wrote 50,000 words (+) in November by hook or by crook. And I will start editing in January I think (I need a little break before I look back). I think it will probably successfully whittle down to a twenty-page story or so.

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