Monday, December 11, 2006

Late Night Tahyees

Hey... It seems this month people are getting married right left and center. Crazy. Not crazy to get married exactly but just crazy the rate at which it seems to be taking place in my vicinity this month.

(Please bear in mind that I am not one of those people).

In other news... there isn't much. I finally sketched a little today, well actually drew, more (or further) than my plebeian sketching. I think Saturday's SketchCrawl helped unblock a little (I did a few sketches on Saturday). And today I broke out of my journal, which was definitely good. Nothing fancy, just plain white A4, but still a bit more liberating than my small black spiral-bound notebook.

Well I would share a few photos of all this stuff, and I will, but my camera was ... what, swallowed by the dog then kidnapped with a ransom of 10 million Big Macs which I refuse to buy because I don't want to support an obnoxious American corporation? Something like that. We compromised on 10 thousand Veggie burgers though (still from the big M).

Ah late night tahyees.

You already know the deal with Friday, if you don't, scroll down a little, your mouse won't bite (it shouldn't if you speak gently and make no sudden movements).

Anyway if you are reading this I will probably SMS you with relevant details.

Cheers all.

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