Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Origami Ouroboros Collection

Ok, those paper things you see are ouroboroses. An ouroborses is basically a mythical creature (usually a snake) which devours itself. It's supposed to represent the cylical nature of things... oh fine it's supposed to represent more or less everything, The Universe Itself, etc, death, life, rebirth & beyond. You know...

Oh, the ouroboroses are origami. I made 10, and my (self-assigned) task was to make them all from different sheets of paper. (Boring for you, a bit more exciting for me).

The other picture is the view from my bedroom, part of a variation of one of the projects from the 52 Projects book.

Finally, some links:

Just in case you thought I never read or follow news (you're right):
This isn't news, but a blog: Strangers Among Us. "A living collection of photographs focused on people that inhabit our world or other worlds we visit." A group of people take pictures of people they don't know. And, Blogger's Blogs of Note has an archive, which I looked for, and found, today.


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