Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Shari3 Faisal Bling

Check out the bling due to a store opening in my neighborhood... Not bad huh? Not only that but there are flashing colored lights going all the way down the street. But thankfully no loud bass-heavy music pumping out because it's Ramadan.

Some quotes

"Drawing is about reaching for pure being. Not making pretty pictures to put in
frames and on websites. The world doesn't need more pictures. It needs peace
and connection. It needs people who can accept reality and don't feel compelled
to control their environments."
- Danny Gregory
Nice site about creativity and art, with a big emphasis on drawing and sketching.

"I'm just a guy with a graphite pencil and a spiral notebook trying to maintain
some of the small chunks of cerebral tissue still floating in my head."
- Jim Bumgarner on his blog Sketches & Stuff. "A compilation of bad sketches, good sketches and bunch of who knows what."

"some people
do not feel compelled
to push their heart onto a stick
and roast it over someone's fire.
well those people suck, i said.
what kind of passionless monsters
live their lives like that?"

excerpt from the poem "Advice for the Lovelorn" by Michelle Tea, in her book The Beautiful. Link takes you to fan site which includes some of her writings and interviews with her. Her book 3amatan is great.

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Solom said...

With regards to the store opening, music actually blasts before tarawee7 or after, can't beat the noise

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