Monday, March 10, 2008

Processing work

A lot of work these days, punctuated/ ameliorated with listening to the Juno soundtrack.

Yesterday I went to a lecture about writing by playwright Naomi Wallace - I hadn't heard about her before. It was a pretty good lecture, about teaching students to write as an act of transgression. Very Marxist undertones, which made me want to know more about Marxism. I think the lecture and the combination of working a lot contributed.

My academic exposure to Marx was limited to The Communist Manifesto and Hegel, who inspired Marx with the things he wrote about work. The last philosophy paper (maybe the last last paper) I wrote in university was for my Hegel class and titled "Process and Product: Labor, its Fruits, and Our Relationship to Both" and actually included Hegel and Marx (and Levinas).

Now (right now) - yes, I opened the paper to reread it - it's on my computer - and I am half-thinking of going back to school to do my master's in philosophy... Part of what I didn't like about writing for university was the fact that I felt it was in such a bubble - nobody was thinking about this stuff, it's so far removed from most people's lives, and worse, nobody besides my professor and friends was reading it.

I don't know if those things bother me so much now. I'm not sure if I'm really cut out for journalism, if that's what I really want to do. I think (thought) what I want is to write about myself, essays.

I know this isn't very well thought-out... but I'll post it now in the immediacy of the internet and try and actually commit to something clearer later.

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