Saturday, March 08, 2008

Adventures in food

Well, not that adventuresome.

I ran out of After 8 the other day and was feeling low and wanted a (vegan) chocolate fix. So I made a recipe-free chocolate pudding.

Mix peanut butter, cocoa powder, flour and add a little bit of water together in a bowl. Add sliced banana on top if you wish. Eat. I don't think it gets any easier or faster than that. It didn't blow me away taste-wise, but the fastness and easiness outweigh the lack of phenomenal taste. Mind, it's not bad at all.


Today I did something I've wanted to do for a really long time: make this fried bread I saw someone making once. Basically you take flour and water and a little salt and fry it like a pancake. I added some rosemary because we have some growing in the garden (isn't that cool?). But it tasted a bit undercooked. So I think next time I'll try and make real bread, with yeast and proofing and an oven.

I'll also aim for pictures next time to document my food.

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