Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Welcome once more to this humble blog.

Welcome to the internet, the great 'wasteland,' as one of my professors once put it. The internet, he said, is a wasteland.

He meant for finding useful information, I think. What about Web 2.0: Facebook, Myspace, Hi5, Flickr, Blogger, Delicious, digg it, and all that other stuff? And Stumble. (BTW, I have no idea either what Delicious and digg it are or what they do. And I still don't know how to subscribe to or use RSS feeds- confessing to computer/internet illiteracy is so en vogue now).

On the one hand, it's ironical. We use the internet to communicate, we communicate presumably to share and so to feel close to people, but... by hiding behind a screen. I don't get it. Yeah, people can be scary, at least I think so, and I'm quite socially inept. So what of the bright young things that aren't? What about "normal" people, i.e. everyone else, what's their excuse?

I want to figure things out. I want to take the formal logic I learnt, FOL, and apply it to everything. To make sense of stuff. I wonder if I really had the patience and intelligence I would need to do that, would it actually work at all?

Like, why are people stupid? I know, it's mean & elitist to call people stupid. It probably reveals my neo-colonialist elitist education with capitalistic and classist tendencies.

And then, why do stupid people make up the majority of people in the world? And then make a bunch of decisions that everybody has to live with? I'm not even talking about politics, although you sure could go off in that tangent. I'm talking about things like ads (their existence in general, but also the way they choose to sell us things), and low quality magazines, and just poor decisions in general... being close-minded.


Bam said...

i read your blog everyday
please share more of your clever insights with us
looking forward to many more

yasmin said...

Please note: bam's comment is my own wishful thinking. my dream comment, if you will. Forgive my lapse in judgment, and I will attempt to do the same.

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