Sunday, September 23, 2012

Thin Brown Wings

I'm going to try experimenting with posting excerpts or vignettes here and see how that goes. 

Across Lake Union, her unbuttoned cardigan blowing in the breeze as she pushed the pedals so she had thin brown wings propelling her as she rode. Light and nimble, it wasn’t hard to imagine her as a mythical winged being. She hovered at intersections every so often, waiting for me to slog up hills which minutes ago she’d effortlessly summitted, not breaking a sweat. In between panting I appreciated the view of the towers of downtown Seattle as the sun sank. We were high above, parellel to I-5 on a skinny bike trail I hadn’t known existed. A blonde man thoughtfully dressed in dark denim and button-down shirt paused to snap a picture on the sidewalk. 

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