Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Bus Back

If you've been following for the food, it probably won't be making too many appearances henceforth. In fact, at the risk of shooting myself in the foot from the get-go, let me say that there may not be many posts in general. Okay, on with the post.


It was early afternoon and I was riding the bus home today from my book group. It wasn't my usual bus where I have the route memorized, but what I think of as my second choice bus. After I finished the book I was reading, I noticed that the bus seemed to be going on a strange route. "Hmm, either I accidentally got on the wrong bus or I've never paid enough attention to the bus route before." The seats all around me were empty, and suddenly the bus came to a stop and the lights on the bus went out. I got up and walked to the front. "Is this the last stop?"
The bus driver had stood up and was putting on his jacket. "Yes."
"Isn't this the 73?" I asked.
Irate, he replied, "Yes, but didn't you hear me announce that the last stop today would be at 65th?"
"No, I thought you were just announcing the stop."
Clearly I was the only one who had not gotten it.

It was sunny and warm, and it was only a 20 minute walk back to the house. I blinked back tears, for feeling stupid, I guess. I walked along, thinking I should feel happy that a gong had rung in the middle of my day, allowing me to shift focus and enjoy this unseasonably warm October day and these roads previously unwalked. But I just felt irritated, annoyed that the course of my day had run off its tracks.

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