Monday, February 18, 2008

I feel lonely on the internet

I admit I use the internet as a kind of crutch, to fill up time. To kill time, in fact, that very worst of things. So I go online and expect to be Entertained. Thoughtful, funny emails filling my inbox. Friends aplenty online eager to exchange witty banter and meaningful conversation. Updated blogs with useful meaty posts. Instead I find emails from Facebook, friends with little red circles slashed with white next to their names signifying their official busy-ness, and blogs with previously-read posts. Well, what do you expect if you're going online every hour on the hour, more or less?

It's funny, this loneliness on the internet. I mean, the internet is powerful, right? Information on everything, all this potential. And then for you just not to find it appealing. For you not to be interested. I guess it's kind of like the library, as great as it theoretically is, full of books, information, all this exciting stuff, sometimes you just don't feel like being there. Sometimes you want something else, a mug of cocoa and somebody to talk to about your day.

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Anonymous said...

to reduce some of the guilt behind checking facebook over and over, I usually read the news as well (to feel like i am at least using some of the time usefully) like I read the guardian, then al jazeera, then BBC
well after reading the same news like three times u get bored and check facebook again!


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