Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Last Man

Thinking about yesterday's post today, I remembered Nietzsche's idea of the last man (or woman). The last man is basically a loser. In today's world, he would probably watch TV nonstop, eat only fast food, never moves. He has no goals, no ambition. Actually, as far as I recall, the last man is madiocre and satisfied with what he's got.

Nietzsche says to be an artist, athlete, or I guess anything else worth being, is to to experience freedom in chains. You can't have everything; something's got to give. You sacrifice watching five hours of TV nonstop to have a social life, to work, to do everything else you want to do.

Compare and contrast with the Buddhist/ Daoist ideals of being and non-doing as opposed to 'Western' ideals of action, doing, progressing, etc.

Oh, and take everything you read on this blog with a grain of salt, especially if I happen to mention anything mildy related to physics (like yesterday).

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