Friday, June 29, 2007

Torn jeans & recent cooking endeavors

List of recently cooked/baked things (listed chronologically, from most recent):

  • Oats (a bit of a cop-out, but still, 5 minutes of cooking time)
  • Soy milk (it's not technically baking or cooking, but it created a food and it was the most labor intensive)
  • Cool cucumber soup
  • Banana bread (see previous post)
  • Chocolate Wacky cake (from the glitter cookbook, which I cannot find in the web archives)
Photos: the jeans: they are torn, as you can see, and I wanted to turn them into shorts, so thought I would picture them first (from a tip saying if you find it hard to get rid of old clothes, try picturing them first - don't remember where I read that). It didn't work, and they live on - for now.

Non-jeans photo: paper cranes hanging from the ceiling. Probably not a permanent home.

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