Thursday, May 31, 2007

Keeping a blog

According to Ryan Healy who writes for Penelope Trunk's blog The Brazen Careerist (whose blog I actually read very often), who blogs about the "intersection of work and life," keeping a blog is a smart career move. Not a blog like this of course. A proper blog where you choose a subject and focus on it til eventually you become an expert. (Think Ramit Sethi's blog, or the Happiness Project. Or 52 Projects.)

Alas, my blog is far from that, but besides from the career impact, or lack of it, I often find myself not posting at all because I just don't know what to write about.

In a sense, writing is selfish. Or writing about myself is selfish. Who cares?

Nobody needs to care; my blog hurts no-one. Very few people are even aware of it's existence.

Anyway, check out my delicious list here. Basically bookmarked links I found interesting.

Oh and check out Scott Adam's blog, the man behind the Dilbert cartoon. His blog is serious and funny, and sometimes both at once. Check out his "Meaning of Meaning post." There's something I think about a lot.

Til I can figure out a decent direction for blogging or just make my peace that I can't/won't.

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